Complete Sentence Magazine

Today I had the pleasure of being included as the latest feature in Complete Sentence Magazine!

Complete Sentence accepts works that, however long, are only one sentence. Writing to meet this criteria was an incredibly fun challenge that forced me to be innovative with structure and punctuation, and I’m thrilled with the outcome. I am also proud to say that this is my first—and hopefully not last—published piece of nonfiction.

I hope you all enjoy reading My Boyfriend’s Haunted Apartment as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Sphere 2020

As the proud Head Fiction Editor of Sphere Magazine, I’m excited to share with you our 64th edition!

Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to print as we usually would; however, with the hard work of our staff, we were able to finally launch a website to showcase our contributors.

I am honored to be somewhat of a contributor myself this issue, as a painting and a photograph of mine are featured in our art section.

It was an unexpected year, but Sphere magazine held strong. I will post updates when the print edition is available, and also when Sphere 65 comes out. Feel free to contact in the meantime!