The Worms

The Worms is a sentence-long allegory of worms and human fragility during the pandemic. It was featured by Complete Sentence Magazine in March of 2021.

Rue Scribe

The Light is somewhere between flash-fiction and essay, weighing the balance between convenience and impersonality, security and expression, landlords and tenants. It was published in Rue Scribe through Underwood press in October of 2020.


Here Comes the Bride is a prose poem exploring the early indoctrination of children into heteronormativity. It was performed as a live (though virtual) reading through the Poetry Center San Jose and featured in the online edition of Cæsura 2020.


Complete Sentence

My Boyfriend’s Haunted Apartment is a comedic pseudo-ghost story written in the style of a singular run-on sentence. It was featured in Complete Sentence, a magazine of single-sentence-stories, as a nonfiction piece.


A photograph entitled “Kaylyn” as well as a painting (acrylic on canvas), “Gender Coding” were both featured in Sphere Magazine’s 64th edition.

Blind Corner

An Coinín Diabhal was published as a part of Blind Corner magazine’s 4th issue. Inspired by Irish folklore, this speculative short story plays with curses, bravery, and the danger of beautiful strangers.

Scribendi 2020

Raccoon Synergy was featured in the 34th issue of Scribendi Magazine in the Spring of 2020. The piece explores the delegitimization of love and grief in non-normative relationships through the personification of two raccoons.



You was published in FANGLE Magazine in the Spring of 2018. You is a love poem about the inadequacy of the writer to fully encapsulate their muse.