Complete Sentence Magazine

Honored to once again be featured in Complete Sentence, this time, with a one-sentence story called The Worms.

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve had a complicated relationship with “pandemic literature” and the idea of reading about a trauma that one is actively going through. While I’ve tried to stick with escapism in the media I consume, I figured I would at least try my hand at writing a pandemic-piece, and where better to experiment than a single sentence?

I hope that you enjoy, stay masked up, and get vaccinated whenever you can. I’ll be incredibly grateful when this story can be considered “historical fiction.”

Cæsura and Rue Scribe

This update comes a bit late after a busy couple of months, but both Here Comes the Bride and The Light have been published and are currently live on their respective sites!

Queer Barbie dolls and anti-slumlord sentiments abound in this difficult year. A special thank you to Cæsura Magazine (through Poetry Center San Jose) and Rue Scribe (through Underwood Press) for taking an interest and sharing these pieces!

Stay safe <3

Poetry Center San Jose

Today I had the privilege of giving a reading at the Well-RED Reading Series through the Poetry Center San Jose (virtually, of course).

There were many talented poets from around the US, and even around the world, and it was a beautiful way to spend the evening.

I was able the read my piece Here Comes the Bride–a prose poem about learned heteronormativity–and hear great pieces ranging thematically from racial injustice, to the pandemic, to familial love. My piece will be published online by Caesura Literary Magazine in the coming weeks and I’m grateful for it’s well received pre-print debut.

A huge thank you to the family and friend who joined the conference, and another huge thank you to the PCSJ team and other contributors for a couple hours of poetic community. It was a joy!

Complete Sentence Magazine

Today I had the pleasure of being included as the latest feature in Complete Sentence Magazine!

Complete Sentence accepts works that, however long, are only one sentence. Writing to meet this criteria was an incredibly fun challenge that forced me to be innovative with structure and punctuation, and I’m thrilled with the outcome. I am also proud to say that this is my first—and hopefully not last—published piece of nonfiction.

I hope you all enjoy reading My Boyfriend’s Haunted Apartment as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Sphere 2020

As the proud Head Fiction Editor of Sphere Magazine, I’m excited to share with you our 64th edition!

Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to print as we usually would; however, with the hard work of our staff, we were able to finally launch a website to showcase our contributors.

I am honored to be somewhat of a contributor myself this issue, as a painting and a photograph of mine are featured in our art section.

It was an unexpected year, but Sphere magazine held strong. I will post updates when the print edition is available, and also when Sphere 65 comes out. Feel free to contact in the meantime!

Scribendi 2020

Back in January I found out that one of my pieces, Raccoon Synergy, was accepted for publication in Scribendi Magazine, a nationally recognized publication for undergraduate students in recognized Honors Programs.

I was invited to attend to Western Honors Regional Council Conference in Cedar City, Utah, where the magazine contributors were to be recognized.

Unfortunately, the conference was canceled to to concerns about COVID-19, but Scribendi was still able to publish.

Physical copies are on hold until further notice, but the magazine has published online.

It’s been an honor to be included in this issue, and a huge thanks goes out to all of the editors who helped make this possible, as well as my own mentors!

This good news has been incredibly welcome in the face of so much bad. I hope we all continue to take comfort in art during and after this crisis.

Best wishes always,